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When Boden came to Glemham Hall…

I was so excited to see the new Spring catalogue from Boden, have you seen it yet? It features Glemham Hall as the backdrop for their Great British Spring collection…see us on pages 147-171.

All these lovely spring-like images were shot in just one day back in October with a crew of 10-12 people – it’s amazing how many people are involved for a one-day shoot!

It’s not the first time Boden have been to Glemham, they first arrived back in April of last year to shoot their Women’s Autumn/Winter range. I love their simplistic style of photography allowing the gorgeous clothes to do the talking! (no, I didn’t get to try any on but it was fun getting a sneak preview of the next season’s clothes!) Needless to say, they loved the house with it’s painted panelled walls and floral furniture. Hope you enjoy looking through the images!

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