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Spring – New Life and New Love

Last weekend really felt like Spring had arrived and in this weekend of new life and Spring-time sunshine, Glemham Hall, which dates back to 1560, had something new to celebrate too – our first same-sex marriage. We were proud to welcome the friends and family of Daniel Mack Shand and Jason Lee Rodger on Saturday 2nd April to celebrate their marriage.

Now living in London, Jason proposed to Daniel surrounded by their friends and family at Jason’s own surprise 30th Birthday party which had secretly been arranged for him by Dan. The spontaneous (but incredibly smooth) moment was captured on camera and received over 160,000 views on Youtube, has been featured in various blogs and even reached as far as Australia! (See the video here)

Dan & Jason - Martin James Photography

Photos © Martin James Photography 2000 – 2016

The couple returned to Suffolk for their wedding day, surrounded by the very same crowd of family and friends. The emotional ceremony, where their friends sang (and cried!) them down the aisle was followed by cocktails in the rose garden, under beautiful blue skies. The happy couple met through their love of musical theatre so it was quite fitting that guests received tickets to their ‘show’ and took their seats to enjoy the performance of Daniel and Jason’s lives.

We would like to wish Dan and Jason a lifetime of happiness and health, and thank them for letting us share in their wonderful day; an historic moment for Glemham Hall.

Tori and Donna xx

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She Asked, He said Yes!

The tradition of turning tables with the proposal game was first introduced at a time when women quite simply were forbidden from proposing to men. At the very same time, the 29th February was a date totally unrecognised by the nation and thus it held no lawful status. So our savvy (and wonderfully gallant) sisters of the past took the opportunity to defy tradition and ask their man to marry them. With the added bonus of a refused proposal resulting in a new pair of gloves to hide their ringless hands!

Today, of course, women have the freedom to propose whenever they desire (phew). However, this quaint custom has held its place in our hearts and minds and is often adhered to, even now – I like to think of it honouring those first brave ladies who went down on bent knee! So with 2016 marking another leap year and, with it, a chance for you lovely ladies to take control and ask your S.O, we are sending some advice your way on how to make it the perfect proposal!

Make it nostalgic 
If pure movie-worthy-romance is your love’s ideal, why not use a memory within your proposal. Return to where you had your first date, or the place you met and use that as your setting, because who doesn’t love to reminisce!?

Make it about them
It will be easy to watch some timeless romcoms with the girls and be inspired to create the most romantic proposal with flowers, chocolates and a string quartet but even if that is your dream proposal, it might not be your sweetheart’s! Think about tailoring it to them, which could mean avoiding tradition! If all they ever want to do during their down-time is get outdoors, head outdoors yourself! Go for a walk in that forest they love and hide a sign asking them to marry you at the end…It’s time to get creative but also time to show them just how much you care.

Make it memorable
This is an important day in both of your lives so make it memorable – but what’s important is making it right for you both. Memorable doesn’t have to mean lavish – yes, you could rent their favourite sports venue or maybe a museum, ask the question and then have all your family and friends there to celebrate with you, a proposal and engagement party in one! But if they’re the type to appreciate the little things, maybe a treasure hunt, taking them to all the places important to you as a couple and finishing with a proposal is the way to go. The main thing is that you put thought into it, whether it’s in your humble abode after a home-cooked meal, or in front of everyone you know with a photographer at the ready. So make it right for you, because you will love remembering it for the rest of your lives.

Valentine’s Traditions You’ll Want at Your Wedding

The back story… It’s a day we all know and love, but how St Valentine’s day started is a lesser known tale. Valentine was the hopeless romantic who conducted secret marriage ceremonies when Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage, because he thought married men were bad soldiers. When his secret soft spot for love was discovered, Valentine was sentenced to death, but, as a true romantic would, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. On the day of his death (14th February, of course) he sent a love letter, signed ‘from your Valentine’.  Celebrating Valentine’s Day, to honour this lover-of-love is thanks to the church though. It became a Christian festival that actually originates from a Roman festival called Lupercalia. During Lupercalia boys drew names of girls from a box to decide who they would court during the festival and often they’d get married after. The church took on the celebration and tied dear old St Valentine to the festivity, due to his fondness of romance!

Being the day of love, Valentine’s of course comes with some gorgeous traditions that suit the wonderful world of weddings perfectly! So I’ve compiled a little list of love day musts that would make for the sweetest addition to your wedding day…

Love letters
There’s nothing like a beautiful centrepiece at a wedding reception, and if you’re opting for some lovely table number stationery, why not include an old-school love letter. One side is your number and on the back a letter of sweet-nothings for your valentine! Alternatively, a scribble of lover’s words can make for a romantic background behind your bright and beautiful number! PLUS It’s a great theme you can carry through all of your wedding stationery…from the save the dates right through to your thank yous!

Single Red Rose
Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a single red rose, so why not use them as your wedding favour AND escort card. I love a gift for those guests you hold so dear, and wedding favours can be practical too when you let them replace the traditional table plan and become escort cards. A red rose with a little note attached telling your guest which table is theirs – romantic and practical too!

There is an old Valentine’s tradition that involves sprinkling rose water and bay leaves on your pillow and wishing for Valentine to let your love ‘see’ you, and we can’t think of a better way to include humble rose water in your wedding than in an array of delicious cocktails! Pairing perfectly with gin, vodka or champagne to name a few, rose water is a delicate flavour reminiscent of a loving tradition, that will work perfectly at any reception!

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