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Valentine’s Traditions You’ll Want at Your Wedding

The back story… It’s a day we all know and love, but how St Valentine’s day started is a lesser known tale. Valentine was the hopeless romantic who conducted secret marriage ceremonies when Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage, because he thought married men were bad soldiers. When his secret soft spot for love was discovered, Valentine was sentenced to death, but, as a true romantic would, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. On the day of his death (14th February, of course) he sent a love letter, signed ‘from your Valentine’.  Celebrating Valentine’s Day, to honour this lover-of-love is thanks to the church though. It became a Christian festival that actually originates from a Roman festival called Lupercalia. During Lupercalia boys drew names of girls from a box to decide who they would court during the festival and often they’d get married after. The church took on the celebration and tied dear old St Valentine to the festivity, due to his fondness of romance!

Being the day of love, Valentine’s of course comes with some gorgeous traditions that suit the wonderful world of weddings perfectly! So I’ve compiled a little list of love day musts that would make for the sweetest addition to your wedding day…

Love letters
There’s nothing like a beautiful centrepiece at a wedding reception, and if you’re opting for some lovely table number stationery, why not include an old-school love letter. One side is your number and on the back a letter of sweet-nothings for your valentine! Alternatively, a scribble of lover’s words can make for a romantic background behind your bright and beautiful number! PLUS It’s a great theme you can carry through all of your wedding stationery…from the save the dates right through to your thank yous!

Single Red Rose
Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a single red rose, so why not use them as your wedding favour AND escort card. I love a gift for those guests you hold so dear, and wedding favours can be practical too when you let them replace the traditional table plan and become escort cards. A red rose with a little note attached telling your guest which table is theirs – romantic and practical too!

There is an old Valentine’s tradition that involves sprinkling rose water and bay leaves on your pillow and wishing for Valentine to let your love ‘see’ you, and we can’t think of a better way to include humble rose water in your wedding than in an array of delicious cocktails! Pairing perfectly with gin, vodka or champagne to name a few, rose water is a delicate flavour reminiscent of a loving tradition, that will work perfectly at any reception!

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