Luxurious, quirky & curious, the Luxe Love Wedding Fair is almost here! We are so excited to welcome you all to Glemham Hall for our wedding fair on Sunday 22nd April, we know you’re just going to LOVE all the things we have in store!

And the most exciting bit is our selection of amazing exhibitors…our Luxe Love Line Up! So with 2 months to go until the fair arrives, we thought we’d use the coming weeks to introduce you to the team by asking them all a few questions. . .

Up first, introducing The Bridal Lounge and Wisheart Tiara Design

The Bridal Lounge

What is your business name and who are you!?
Charlotte, from The Bridal Lounge | Jacqui from Wisheart Tiara Design

What is your favourite thing about or moment at a wedding?
I love that photo photographers capture from the front of the ceremony room that captures the bride walking into the room, and the groom just about to turn around too see his bride for the first time.... the bride always looks so happy!

Jacqui: The make up; the hair; the dress; the tiara and basically, the glamour! To indulge those dreams, turn heads and look fabulous!

Whose wedding do you wish you could work on (dead or alive!)?
I would have loved to have been at Grace Kellys wedding.... that dress was just perfect! And has stayed in the limelight for decades. Its a classic dress, that will always be referred to, and designers will take inspiration from - i'd have loved to have seen it for myself. 


Jacqui: Carrie's in Sex and The City - okay, so it was fictional - but that Vera Wang dress. I LOVED the fact there was no holding back.

Money no object, what one thing would you have at your wedding?
Charlotte: I don't think weddings are about money, I think they are about having the most amazing people in your life in one place at one time and celebrating together. You can help the atmosphere by providing great food, drinks and a lively band (I do love a live band!)  

Jacqui: A Vera Wang dress!

Thanks for the insight ladies! Can’t wait to have you join us at the Luxe Love Wedding Fair on Sunday 22nd April!

Check in on Monday to meet more of the Luxe Love Line Up!
Tori x