With the arrival of a new week comes some more introductions to our Luxe Love Line Up! Just under 7 weeks until the Luxe Love Wedding Fair here at Glemham Hall! Can’t wait to see you on Sunday 22nd April, 10am – 3pm, where you will also get to meet the lovely Ayshea Goldberg Photography and The Gin Caddy...

What is your business name and who are you!?
Ayshea, of Ayshea Goldberg Photography | Becca, from The Gin Caddy 

What is your favourite thing about or moment at a wedding?
That’s so hard, but ONE of my favourite moments at a wedding is the confetti.  It’s after the couple have married, they’re a lot more relaxed and the smiles and laughter is completely genuine - and infectious.  I’m often smiling between the camera at this moment. The thing about weddings I love most os seeing all the connections, the couple and their guests sharing something very personal and all the emotions that go with that.
Becca: The party! Once the speeches are over and everybody can relax, it's officially party time. Weddings should be a celebration (accompanied by a gin, or two)!  

Whose wedding do you wish you could work on (dead or alive!)?
I think Holly Willoughby would be amazing - she’s so funny and sweet on TV, I think her day would be jam packed with jokes and her laughing too much!  Not to mention that she’s beautiful - it would just be so much fun!
Becca: Elvis and Priscilla Presley's. Their cake was five-foot-tall and Priscilla's hair was nearly just as tall! It was also in Las Vegas, which is a bonus!

Money no object, what one thing would you have at your wedding?
Ayshea: Honestly I think my wedding day was perfect - a little elopement to a Caribbean beach!  The only thing i would’ve changed was a better photographer! I think he’d drank a lot of rum beforehand (think sloping horizons…) but he was one of my inspirations to get started (I knew I could do better!) so I have to be grateful to him for that - I now have my dream job!
Becca: Taking inspiration from the film 'Bridesmaids' - I would give every wedding guest a puppy!

More fabulous answers from these lovely ladies...particularly loving the idea of puppies as favours and the fact that Ayshea’s photographer inspired her career change!! Thank you ladies, see you on Sunday 22nd April for Luxe Love!

Catch the next instalment to our Luxe Love Line Up on Friday!

Tori x