Another Friday means another chance to introduce to you our Luxe Love Line Up! Today I’m chatting to the lovely Dr Emily-Jane Hinton (a former bride of Glemham Hall!) and the fabulous Helen Newman. They will both be joining us for the Luxe Love Wedding Fair on Sunday 22nd April, 10am – 3pm, ready to chat all things wedding with you! But for now, let’s get to know these wonderful business ladies better...

What is your business name and who are you!?
Dr Emily-Jane Hinton, from EJHaesthetics | Helen, of Helen Newman Florist

What is your favourite thing about or moment at a wedding?
Emily: My favourite moment at a wedding is when the bride first appears in view. I was lucky enough to be a bride at Glemham Hall two years ago so the emotional moment I first walked down the grand staircase and locked eyes on my husband-to-be is still fresh in my memory. From attending weddings as a guest this is also my number one part of the day. I love  the anticipation and excitement when you’re waiting to first catch a glimpse of the bride; what dress will they be wearing? How will they have their hair? Will the bride/groom cry? What will the bouquet be like? ect..
Helen: My favourite moment about weddings would be delivering the bridal bouquet. Giving this to the bride, seeing her reaction, watching everything come together for her and the excitement in the bridal suite is always fantastic.  

Whose wedding do you wish you could work on (dead or alive!)?
I wish I had worked on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s wedding in 2014. As a facial aesthetician Angelina would be my dream client. She’s a naturally beautiful woman and the treatment she has had (rhinoplasty,anti-wrinkle injections,lip enhancement) have really enhanced her face. She has always had naturally larger lips but her lip enhancement really works with her features without detracting from her natural beauty. She clearly has a very talented doctor!
Helen: If I could choose to work on anyones wedding I would probably have chosen Frida Kahlo, I would have just loved to create the most vibrant and bold bouquet for this Mexican artist. Then of course there would have to be the most sumptuous flower headpiece, full of rich colour to sit against her long dark hair. I can imagine her reception being outdoors on a warn Mexican evening, lots of strings of colourful lights, hanging flowers and eclectic mix of vases with a really relaxed folksy vibe.

Money no object, what one thing would you have at your wedding?
Money (and logistics) no object I would have had a petting zoo at my wedding. I absolutely love animals so the idea of being surrounded by lots of cute, cuddly animals for the day would be wonderful (plus think of all the amazing wedding photographs you could have?!)
Helen: Money no object I would have walked down an aisle lined with weeping cherry blossom trees - in full bloom of course and if that happened to be in Japan then even better!

I think these ladies have picked some excellent dream weddings to have worked on! As I said, both Emily and Helen will be joining us at Luxe Love, so I hope you will be too!
Find out who else will be joining us in my next post, coming Monday.

Have a lovely weekend!
Tori x