Happy Monday everyone! To brighten your day we’re introducing you to floral extraordinaire, Kim from Figa & Co and Queen of high tea, Steph from Serendipity Street! Both will be joining us at our Luxe Love Wedding Fair - we can’t wait!

What is your business name and who are you!?
Kim, from Figa & Co | Stephanie, from Serendipity Street  

What is your favourite thing about or moment at a wedding?
The moment the bride is revealed in all her finery…and floral adornment!
Stephanie: Reception is the best for us, when everything is set up and Mr & Mrs have love in their eyes, a drink in their hand and the sun is shining.

Whose wedding do you wish you could work on (dead or alive!)?
Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton….the first time!
Stephanie: It would be fun to attend a celebrity wedding. But as my parents wedding was a bit flat, to give them a gift of a special day in the 50’s would be super cool.

Money no object, what one thing would you have at your wedding?
A garden aisle of snowdrops….simple & beautiful
Stephanie: An Olde Worlde Fairground.

I’m getting such beautiful visions of those money no object weddings...a garden wonderland for Kim and a vintage haven for Stephanie, both totally swoon worthy!

Like I said before, these lovely ladies are joining the Luxe Love Line Up and will be with us in just under 6 weeks time ready to inspire at our Luxe Love Wedding Fair. We will be open from 10am – 3pm, with some amazing exhibitors on board you really don’t want to miss this!

Next Luxe Love Line Up reveal coming Friday, in the meantime have a fabulous week!

Tori x