I’m excited to be introducing more exhibitors to you all today as the Luxe Love Line Up continues! We’re so proud to have so many amazing suppliers joining us for this fair, it’s going to be a really awesome event full of inspiration for you all as you plan your wedding, so don’t miss out! Our Luxe Love Wedding Fair will be taking place on Sunday 22nd April, opening between 10am and 3pm, make sure the first in line and you’ll receive a fabulous gift bag! Now to get to know our latest exhibitors a little better; meet Gemma Giorgio Photography and Dreamwave Events...

What is your business name and who are you!?
Gemma, of Gemma Giorgio Photography | Dave, from Dreamwave Events

What is your favourite thing about or moment at a wedding?
The people, the emotions and the celebration of the couples love for one another.
Dave:  It has to be the style element that bridge and grooms are focusing on. This allows to become very creative with our lighting and decor designs.

Whose wedding do you wish you could work on (dead or alive!)?
Olly Murs ;)
Dave: Someone who would want to wow with their production value! We're thinking big on lighting and an awesome party for our DJs to have some fun! 

Money no object, what one thing would you have at your wedding?
Maroon 5 performing, what an amazing party it'd be!
Dave: Some of the greats from the garage scene to end the night!

I’m not sure I’m convinced Gemma wants to work on that wedding or be the other one at the end of the aisle!! And it's totally unsurprising that Dreamwave are up for a great party! Just loving seeing everyone’s answers to these questions and I hope you are too!  

So, there’s another two brilliant suppliers joining the Luxe Love Line Up, make sure you’re there between 10am and 3pm on Sunday 22nd April to be inspired by this fabulous bunch!

Tori x